Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baking with the boys

Jack has been asking to bake with me for a while now and sadly I just haven't had the energy to do it. Finally, this past weekend I decided it was time to bake with the boys.

Branden took them to the grocery store to get the ingredients needed for the apple and blueberry muffins we were going to bake. I was glad that Branden was there to participate (and help). It really was a lot of fun!

We were so impressed by their teamwork

Mixing the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients

Filling the muffin cups

Sprinkling the brown sugar on top

So the muffins came out super tasty, but they didn't rise and they were a bit wet. Not sure what we did wrong. We'd love to make them again because they were yummy just not very presentable. They came out more like a tart than a muffin.

Calling all bakers: If you have any suggestions on what we should do next time so they won't be so wet, please send them our way. Thanks!


Grammy and Grampy said...

Yes, they were yummy!
Sorry, no advice from Grammy, I'm only a "follow the directions" kind of baker. :-/

Andrea said...

I have always found when my baked goods don't rise, it is because of over-mixing. perhaps that's what went wrong? did the batter seem lumpy or was it smooth after mixing?

Mommy of three said...

Did you use fresh or frozen blueberries? If they were frozen and then thawed at all, they will make your muffins wet.
Other than that, the measurements could have been off, right? I get so distracted when I am baking with the kids. It is really hard to keep track of the flour, or the sugar, or "did I do the vanilla yet?" or whatever.
I am sure they were still great and you had fun, that is all that matters.

christine mcclain said...

This is so darn cute. I totally forgot to tell you that Jack told me about this earlier that day! Did he know he was gonna be baking? Maybe he was just hoping. =) Anyway - he was talking my ear off at school and it was just about the cutest thing ever! Hope it was fun!!