Friday, April 17, 2009

The latest on our baby girl

Well, I have to be honest I don't really feel much like putting this post together, but I also don't feel up to calling anyone with the latest news :-( What to do? We are truly blessed to have so many people that love us and our beautiful baby on the way and I know that they want to hear the results of yesterday's ultrasound. So here it is in a nutshell:

She was very cooperative this time and we got some adorable pictures of her. The 3D and 4D ultrasound images are just amazing. The boys knew right away that it was a picture of their sister I brought home. She's measuring the right size, but has very little "meat" on her bones. It's crazy that the only time I have trouble gaining weight is when I'm pregnant - go figure?

They were able to see the hole (birth defect) in her spine this time. It appears to be located at L5 to S1. This is the last lumbar and the first Sacrum.

Lumbar – The lower part of the spine between the thoracic region and the sacrum. The lumbar spine consists of five vertebrae.

Sacrum – A part of the spine that is also part of the pelvis. It articulates with the ilia at the sacroiliac joints and articulates with the lumbar spine at the lumbosacral joint. The sacrum consists of five fused vertebrae that have no intervertebral discs.

Ideally if you are going to have an opening in your spine this is one of the best places to have it. The Dr.'s and everything I have read have said "the lower, the better".

They did unfortunately detect the beginning stages of Hydrocephalus (water on the brain). This was very disappointing to us. Although, we were fully aware that 75% of children with Spina Bifida develop Hydrocephalus we were really hoping our baby wouldn't. We really don't know exactly what else this means for her except she will most likely have another surgery to insert a shunt into her head to drain the fluid.

I'm not sure if there was much else notable from the visit. It was a pretty overwhelming morning for us. I am SO thankful that Branden's job understands and allows him to come to work late so we can be together. That has been unbelievably helpful.

We did meet our new doctor. Her name is Dr. McNaulty and we really liked her. We had heard that she was wonderful and our first interaction and impression of her was very positive. She is very optimistic and although was honest about what she saw on the baby's spine and brain she was quite encouraged by the look of the baby's other organs. She was quick to correct me when I referred to the baby as being "sick". She said "your baby is NOT sick, she has a birth defect and we will be correcting it once she is born". She reminded me that as of today all of her other major organs are functioning very normally. We pretty much ended on that note and felt comfortable that she will be the one that will be seeing us through this pregnancy. She also gave us the "go ahead" to go on our family vacation to Yosemite. We are very excited! Looking forward to sharing stories and photo's about the trip when we return. My next Dr.'s appointment will be on May 8th.

As always, thank you for caring and for your continued love and support.

Nicole & Branden


5chamberlins said...

I just want to say thank you, thank you for posting updates even when it is the last thing you feel like doing - we do love you guys with all of our hearts and this is a very useful tool in helping us to know exactly how to pray for your family.

midgie said...

I cant imagine how hard it is to write this but I also can tell u are being very brave. Thank u for keeping us all up to date. I pray for u and your family everynight before I go to bed and My parents and their church are praying all the way in Tenn.

midgie said...

my goodness how ben and jack have grown!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole and Guys, Thank you for the updates it is helping me to understand things and if there is anything I can do you know were to find me or at least Mom does. I have added you to a prayer chain of mine and they have asked for an update so will be sending the news on. It has now gone around the world. Love Emilie

Becky said...

I can't tell you enough how wonderful it is to hear this news. I think this is exactly where you need to be, leaving for vacation with optimism and hope, and beautiful 3D/4D pics of your baby girl. Those are absolutely priceless. Look at them often! Vacation is always a good time to put on some pounds so dont hold back when it comes to yummy camping breakfasts and smores! Wish we could go with you. Love you much and thank you for posting if that's how you feel you can best express your feelings right now. Phone calls and texts aren't necessary because we always catch up anyway. Beck

(rachel) said...

So I was thinking that the pilot on your trip to Holland knew all along that you weren't going there and he had a great a plan and idea of what your destination would be like. He knows. He's guiding you and he has your best interest and safety and care in mind and heart.

(rachel) said...

I meant to say's late. Love you!

Dang-Thao said...

Nicole, you've done beautifully at sharing your family's smiles and ...tears. You must know how you inspire strength in others. Thinking of you and your family.