Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Benjamin's photo shoot at Lakeshore

According to Branden, the photographer decided to change the angle and the lighting so Benjamin wasn't chosen but they said he did a GREAT job! I was so proud of how he posed just liked they wanted, answered all their questions and was just super sweet. He received a $50 gift certificate to Lakeshore for his 20 minutes of "work" and of course a visit to daddy's office. Not too bad! I can't forget to mention that big brother Jack was a great helper by standing on the sidelines and not touching anything or making any unnecessary noise during the photo shoot. He said he was being "extra good" just in case they wanted to take his picture - so cute. Maybe next time.

Here's the picture from Ben's first photo shoot last year. What a difference. My baby is growing up! BTW - this one is in the current catalog :-)


5chamberlins said...

Love the picts!!! He is such a doll :o)

Grammy & Grampy said...

Thank you for the Lakeshore link, i was able to see this in the catalog. He is so cute.