Monday, March 2, 2009

Kite Festival - Huntington Beach

We spent the day Sunday at the Kite Festival in Huntington Beach. It was such a fun day! The kids loved all the kites (especially the huge octopus) and we all had fun playing in the sand. We ate lunch on the beach and truly enjoyed being together. It was a beautifully warm day. We let the boys miss their nap (very rare for our family) and it was a great decisions. The boys were perfect angels and we were able to stay at the beach until 2:00 pm.

Not the greatest picture of the kites but I tried to capture a few of them with my little camera for the boys. They did four special kite performances which were coordinated to music. It was so funny to watch Benjamin rocking out to AC DC and the other rock music while Jack seemed most interested during the classical performances. Our boys are so different but both so great!

The boys were such love bugs!

The Car ride home: they were being so silly wearing my sunglasses. What a great family day.

Follow the link to see the rest of the photos from our fun day on snapfish: