Sunday, July 24, 2011

I've been neglectful

Yes, I've been a bad blogger. Somehow I've let the weeks slip by without blogging about the family. The truth is that I take way too many darn pictures at family events that it is almost overwhelming for me to narrow it down and then actually blog about it after our day. However, we have had so many great days, so many special moments that I don't want to forget. So, please bare with me as I do a little catch up blogging.

I was inspired by simple as that, a blog I enjoy reading to blog in collage as a quick but cute way to get caught up on the month of May. She actually does a beautiful monthly collage capturing the highlights of her month. There was no way I was going to be able to narrow my many photos down into one collage so I opted for one collage per event. Thanks for still "following" along with us.

Mother's Day

My brother Michael and his wife Frances had their first baby. My first niece - what a blessing! She's just beautiful and we hope to spend more time with her soon.

Home school day with mom! Jack's class was going on a field trip to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, a nice but very small aquarium. Because I always attend the field trips as a chaperone, I opted to not send Jack to school that day but to take both Jack and Benjamin to the "big" aquarium. I arranged for my mom to watch Annabelle (thanks mom!) and the boys and I spent the day at the Aquarium of the Pacific here in Long Beach. We had a great time! It felt like the old days - the day's before kindergarten, preschool and therapy schedules. We were so carefree! It was a lot of fun. We spent as much time inside the aquarium as we did outside. The boys rolled down the grassy hill about 25 times and we got ice cream. Something I guarantee you Jack would not have been able to do had he gone with his class.

I am CONFIDENT they both learned a lot that day. Jack actually did a "book report" as he called it for his teacher to tell her what he learned. Learning to get along with one another was also a big part of the day. By the way, I didn't dress them - they choose to be "twins". I love my boys dearly!

The kids and I attended our first rally to let the leaders of California know that enough is enough. It was called Wake Up California. We were all there to sign petitions and to increase awareness about the crisis facing California public schools and the need for our legislatures to take action now! There were a couple of hundred people there as well as the press. It felt good to show our support.

We ended our month celebrating my sister and I. Mingie turned 41 and I turned 38 this past May. Wow, were does the time go. Doesn't seem like that long ago (according to our parents) that she and I were running around together like Jack and Ben. Our birthday celebration was great! Casual atmosphere (thank you Mingie), good company and great food - exactly what I wanted! The weather was perfect and the boys even got to do a little gardening with their Uncle Ed.

Jack finished up another great month of beginning art at Averyboo Arts.

We are so very thankful to my Dad who graciously offered to pay for an additional month of class. He saw how great Jack was doing and how much he enjoyed it and wanted him to be able to continue. I love that my parents never put me in that uncomfortable position of having to ask for help. They watch, they listen and they unselfishly give what they can. They have both in the last few years (since life got more expensive) offered to help out with different expenses for the kids - be it art class for Jack, karate class for Ben or money toward the thousands we owe to the hospital and not to mention the babysitting they both do. They are both so generous and giving of their time. I have no idea what Braden and I would do without them. We are blessed to have such wonderful parents as role models. We always talk about the love they shower us with and how my grandparents (both sides) were the same way. We hope that we can continue the "generosity and love" with our children throughout their lives as my parents and grandparents have done for us.


Selina said...

Love the collages! The pics were beautiful...I can see why it would be difficult to choose which to blog about. You have such a gorgeous family...Thank you for sharing it w/ me!

rebecca said...

I love all of your photos so much! :) thanks for sharing with happy I had a chance to stop by your lovely blog! Rebecca

They call me Grammy! said...

What a nice catch up blog, great photos and lots of fun info.
Great job Mom! <3<3

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