Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Message from Borders CEO Mike Edwards

Can you believe it - I got a letter from the CEO of Borders. He must have saw my very unhappy blog post from yesterday. Oh wait a minute, it was an e-mail he sent out to all rewards members to let us know that they filed bankruptcy today. What are the odds that one day after I "announce" that I will not shop there again they file bankruptcy - CRAZY! Not really, but it is an odd coincidence.

I really do hate to hear of any company going under. It's sad for the employees and bad for the economy. However, as upset as I was at Borders yesterday all is better. Not because of anything Borders did - the Manager didn't even call me back like he said he would (guessing he's a bit busy or just totally disgruntled now). All is better because of FedEx.

Yes people, FedEx ROCKS!! So you see good customer does not go unnoticed in my book (or blog).

We will return to our regular scheduled programming right after this post. Thanks for baring with me during this slight post detour.

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Ruth said...

SO i was going to ask if you knew the Hull family....and then I saw them on your blog. Sarah is a friend of mine. Small world....especially in the special needs world. Your daughter is adorable. Even though are girls have different stories, they are the same too. I always feel an under lining connection with Mothers of special needs kids. You get it, you get what I am going through.
Ruth(the mom)