Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"First Friday" Fun - Christmas Edition

The family (minus me - boo) in front of the Christmas tree on Atlantic Ave. here in Long Beach.

We were all bundled up. You know those chilly California nights (he he)

Such cuteness!

If I can be real honest for a moment - I want to put it out there that the ONLY Christmas gift I want this year is for my boys to be like this picture above - kind and loving to one another. Sadly, there has been WAY too much sibling rivalry dampening my Christmas cheer and saddening my heart lately.

We weren't expecting to run into Santa but were sure happy to snap a cute (and free) picture with him. Annabelle was quite intrigued with him. By the time we got her to look at us, the boys were pretty much over the whole smiling thing. Oh well, what can you do.

We ended our night with a Jamba Juice and our usual ride on the BIG RED BUS!!

Another fun family night. I sure cherish these super great times.

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Sarah said...

Such adorable pictures.