Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yes, the month is over

but that isn't stopping these two cuties from spreading the word.

My heart was so happy on Tuesday because they both proudly wore their new shirts (without being asked) just 24 hours after they arrived in the mail. This is one very proud Daddy and a Big Brother who is so in love with his baby sister.

I want to add that my Dad, aka Papa wore his shirt the same day but I didn't get his picture and Jack was at school and didn't get the opportunity to wear it because he had to wear his uniform. The shirt is in his drawer and I will gladly take his picture when he chooses to wear it.

For us, spreading awareness about Spina Bifida will not just be in October, it will be forever!


Sarah Hull said...

I love this! These t-shirts are wonderful!
Bryant has worn his twice now and every time he wears it I just smile from ear to ear! It's so fun! I ordered mine a little too big, so it's more of around the house shirt for me. bummer! I hope they do more b/c my extended family members did not order in time!
I have a vision of alllll of us wearing our shirts this summer at the conference!! I am so excited!

They call me Grammy! said...

What Cuties! I wore mine yesterday :-)