Friday, September 24, 2010

Our summer garden

Now that Summer is officially over and I have completely neglected our family blog I wanted to try and get a bit caught up on some of the great things that happened over the summer.

One fun new thing this summer was our garden. It all started back in May when we were gifted these super cool watering cans from our good friend Mary. Thank you again Mary!

Of course the boys wanted to use them right away and somehow watering turned into "gardening" and before I knew it my three boys were planting our summer garden. It consisted of cucumber and tomatoes. Not sure exactly how those two were chosen but the boys were VERY excited about their project.

*FYI - Branden had been cleaning out the garage - see all the "stuff" being sorted in the background but was quickly recruited to garden with the boys.

There was lots of great concentration and team work going on

and then of course - the watering!! Watering became a fun daily ritual.

Doesn't everyone garden in their cowboy boots?

And after only a few weeks, the pots looked like this! The seed packets took off like wild fire

The Topsy turvey was doing pretty well too.

The first strawberry! This was a very proud moment.

They were pretty small, but they were juicy. Each morning the boys would go out and look for newly ripened strawberries to eat. They loved being able to eat them right off of the plant without mommy having to wash them.

The tomatoes before they ripened

So many cherry tomatoes! These have been great for snacking and for salads each day.

Picking the first cucumbers

We put together a nice little cucumber salad

Although it wasn't a huge harvest it was a great start. We have all enjoyed having fresh fruits and veggies each day to snack on. The cherry tomatoes are still ripening daily and Benjamin LOVES going out and picking them for the nights salad.

We now have Brussel sprouts, squash and green beans growing in a Topsy turvey. I look forward to see what they will produce.


HennHouse said...

And so it begins... I think we started the same way, and now we've got the "back gardens" and no more yard. The husband doesn't plant anything unless it is edible. He calls it "snack-scaping."

Crooked Moon Mama said...

Good job garden mama!