Monday, October 13, 2008

Dinner - do your kids sit down?

This is a question that Branden and I ask ourselves every time we have dinner with friends. Our boys, unless strapped in their seats can not (will not!) stay seated. It's crazy! We have dinner with friends about once a month - two other families with children (girls mind you) about the same age as our boys. The other kids have SUCH better table manners and actually eat their food. Our boys just want to play. Tonight all Jack wanted to do was put his arms around and kiss the twins and Ben just wanted to drink everyone's juice. What to do??


Peanut & Bean's Parents said...

OMG! Just like you, unless they're strapped in, will not sit still for a minute. I've also noticed that girls sit nicely and never get food all over them. What's up with that?!

Viki :) Oliver & Owen

Terri said...

Nik & Bran,
You are not alone. Isabella is incapable of sitting down completely while she eats. She's always perched half-way on the chair, singing to herself, using one hand to play with a barbie she has snuck to the dinner table. Classic kid manuever.
Love you guys,
Terri & Jeff